The Whole Life Profile

The Whole Life Profile (WLP) is an online self-assessment that provides a map of your life based on Paradox Theory. As Carl Jung put it, "only the paradox comes anywhere near to comprehending the fullness of Iife."

This map shows five key areas of life and how their relationship impacts our life. These areas are physical, psychological, financial, spiritual, and relationship.

We provide Whole Life Profile workshops and a journaling guide to understand the benefits of paradoxical thought.

We will be presenting a two-day workshop in Perth and a second one in Pemberton. These workshops give you two full days to deeply explore how Paradox Theory impacts your life. These workshops include Dyad exercises and a journaling process guided by the ancient book of wisdom, the I-Ching, to give you a transformative experience.

The 5 Healths

The WLP delivers a personal life map that allows Coaches to identify client's greatest strengths and areas of imbalance in 5 areas of life; Psychological, Financial, Physical, Integral and Relationship.

It is designed to provide the coach greater insight into the developmental needs of their client's and change can be measured in as little as 3 months.

The Power of Paradox

Paradox Theory provides a unique insight into oneself and others. Besides offering a window into aspects of ourselves of which we may be only partially aware, it provides a guideline for balancing and developing ourselves.

The Whole Life Profile is based on Paradox Theory. A paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement, which may nonetheless be true. Paradox theory extends that principle to include complimentary and paradoxical forces and applies it to specific traits.

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